In the early 1970s, Ray made his first film as a part of the black arts movement at The New Thing Art and Architecture Center in Washington D.C. 


Since, he has studied screenwriting widely: his education has included wide open eyes on the set of more than 30 films and he has taken a directing class from academy award nominee, John Singleton.


Ray has made several short films including: Boulder CityFree Fred Hampton Jr. and What Pisses You Off.  His feature film, Chairman Fred Hampton Way, won the Audience Appreciation Award in the United Nations Film Festival in 2012. His feature documentary, Mukasa, about freedom fighter Mukasa Willie Ricks is in post production. 


He is curently working on a feature documentary, Same Same VC, which is about resistence to the Vietnam War. Same Same VC includes the stand alone short film, Hell No We Won't Go.

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